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Bamboo Area Rugs Cleaning in Calais

Bamboo rugs are mostly made of organic bamboo fibers. This can last a decade or even longer if it's well taken care of. As it is made from original bamboo shoots, it's not easy to keep this rug lasting.
Jafri Oriental Rugs provides a wide range of rug restoration services. You can keep your rug long-lasting and durable if you take care of it with our services. We are the most significant rug cleaning and restoration service provider in North Troy, Canaan, and other service areas. We have been providing services to commercial and residential clients for over 42 years. Contact us or call 518-201-1191 for the best rug restoration services.

Services We Offer

Since our establishment in 1979, Jafri Oriental Rugs has offered seasoned professionals. They constantly stay up to date with new cleaning or restoration techniques. Our guiding principle is to work without causing any harm to your rug’s fabric. We use cutting-edge technology as well as an organic, environmentally friendly rug cleaning procedures. The services that we provides are:

Specialty Rug Cleaning in Norwell

For kids and animals, a bamboo area rug is particularly environmentally friendly. Rugs of every kind, such as antique, oriental, viscose, wool, Persian, silk, pile, synthetic, and Turkish, including bamboo rugs, are cleaned. Our cleaning knowledge remains concentrated on an appropriate, cutting-edge washing procedure.
From inspecting the rug to drying it, we use hygienic products. We rinsed chemicals and detergents using our specialized technologies. Our method of extracting water effectively removes over 95% of water in a minute. Following all of this, we vacuum and brush the rugs to give them a fluffier appearance.

Entrust Your Rugs in Our Hands

Residents of Bliss, Newton, NY, can turn to Jafri Oriental Rugs for expert rug repair services. Even rugs and carpets that seem irreparably damaged can be repaired. Our success is a result of our commitment to our craft, high-quality customer service, and good customer communication. Call us at 518-201-1191 or click here for the top rug services in your area.



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