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Pet Barrier in Albany & Burlington, NY

Depend on professionals for specific tasks can be a time and energy saver. This is especially true for pet barrier-providing services. Pets can create messes in various areas, including rug pads and house floors. Pet's urine can damage wooden floors and other appliances around. Jafri Oriental Rugs is here to protect your home from these kinds of damage.
For residents in the New York and New England service areas, surrounding Albany, Dormansville, East Berne, Troy, and Glenmont, we offer top-notch pet barrier services, guaranteeing the highest quality of work. Reach out to us at 518-201-1191 or contact us now for any kind of pet assistance you may need.

Advantages of Using Pet Barriers

If you're a pet owner aiming to safeguard your rugs from indoor accidents, a pet barrier is important. Here are the advantages of using a pet barrier for the protection of your rugs:

  • Ease of Vacuuming
  • Floor Scratch Protection
  • Rug Damage Prevention
  • Maintains Rug Placement
  • Versatility on Hard Surfaces
  • Added Cushioning for Comfort
A pet barrier in place, separating the area and ensuring pet safety within a home

Why Choose Jafri Oriental Rugs?

  • In business since 1979
  • Our organic, environmentally safe rug-cleaning process
  • We clean all types of Oriental & area rugs, including antiques
  • Free pickup & delivery
A pet resting comfortably on a patterned rug.

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Why bear the burden of extra cleaning your house when Jafri Oriental Rugs is here to provide you with a pet barrier? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at 518-201-1191. Contact us immediately if you reside around Schenectady, Chatham, Clarksville, Pittsfield, and neighboring cities.

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