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Rug Serging Repair in Albany, Dormansville, & Glenmont, NY

Rug serging is a way to sew that involves wrapping the edges of a rug with thread to keep it from unraveling and give it a beautiful, finished look. Over time, the edges of your area rug may become frayed, brittle, or brittle and diminish the outlook of your beautiful area rug. That's when you need a professional rug serging repair service to return it to its original condition.

Since 1979, we the rug experts at Jafri Oriental Rugs have been providing top-notch rug serging repair services in Albany, East Berne, Dormansville, Glenmont, Troy,  and other cities nearby. We are well known as the leading provider of rug cleaning, and repair services for homeowners and business owners. To get our assistance with rug serging repair, dial 518-201-1191.

Area Rug Serging by Jafri Oriental Rugs

Serging repairs are available at Jafri Oriental Rugs for any type of area rug with frayed or worn edges. For serging, we stitch to enclose a rug's edge. This method of rug repair is great for covering up flaws and restoring frayed, ripped, or worn edges since it conceals these flaws and edges.

Depending on the type of rug you have and assessing its condition, we can provide the best serging repair services to make that damaged rug look like new again.
Moreover, our service will extend the life of your rug and preserve its appearance. While serving the rug, we follow__

  • First, we measure the rug edge and then we cut enough rug tape to cover the edges. 
  • Using the large-eyed needle and two lengths of heavy-duty thread, we secure the tape to the rug's edge by folding it over the raw edge and stitching it in place.
  • We use two lengths of serging thread to thread your needle. We do our serging stitch by placing the needle into the rug's front side with the thread ends unknotted.
  • To finish wrapping the entire taped edge with yarn, we continue stitching, making sure the stitches are even and as close as possible.

Confide in Jafri Oriental Rugs for Rug Serging Repair Services in NY

If the damaged rug edge is bothering you and you are thinking to repair it, contact the experienced team of Jafri Oriental Rugs. Our rug serging repair service will put you at ease as we repair or restore that rug to its new-look condition.

We offer a FREE estimate, FREE pickup, and FREE delivery with all of our rug repair services such as fringe repair, backing repair, color restoration, and more. Anytime you need our quality rug serging repair service, call 518-201-1191 or click here to set an appointment NOW!!

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