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Fringe Cleaning & Restoration Services in Albany, NY

Jafri Oriental Rugs provides its customers with the most satisfying fringe cleaning & restoration services available in the Greater Albany, NY, area. For the past four decades, Jafri has been the most trusted and reputable company for rug cleaning, rug repair, rug storage, and other rug services.

Fringe cleaning and restoration will help retain the value of your fine rugs. Our detailed process can help brighten the fringe and often times return the fibers to like new again. We will attempt to correct dye bleed fringes that are the result of improper cleaning methods and chemistry. Additionally, if your rug was subjected to water damage, soda, coffee, and tea stains, we have the expertise to address these issues too.

We are based in Albany but serve Dormansville, East Berne, Troy, Glenmont, and dozens of other NY cities. Call 518-201-1191 or click here to make an appointment today!

Fringe Cleaning & Restoration by Jafri Oriental Rugs in Berne, Albany, & Troy

Oriental rugs require the most care among area rugs where fringe repair is involved. If the rug’s edges are hand-knotted, then re-wrapping by hand is required. This is labor-intensive and requires paying close attention to the rug’s colors and structure.

On the flip side, power fringing can be quick and painless because it involves machine-made fringe. You completely change out the fringe and get to pick from a wide variety of colors and fabrics. You might even choose to remove the fringe altogether.

Fringe Cleaning & Restoration by Jafri

Trust Jafri Oriental Rugs for the Best Fringe Cleaning & Restoration in Albany

Trust Jafri Oriental Rugs for the Best Fringe Cleaning Services

As the premier area rug and carpet cleaner in Upstate NY, Jafri Oriental Rugs provides high-quality area rug cleaning & protection services, as well as fringe cleaning & restoration services. We clean, protect, & restore all types of Oriental rugs and carpets, including antiques, silk, Persians, tapestries, and even viscose. When you need our help, our rug cleaning experts can assist at a moment's notice. We are based in Albany but serve dozens of other cities within our service area, including Dormansville, East Berne, Troy, and Glenmont. For more information, call 518-201-1191 or click here to make an appointment. in Albany, Berne, Clarksville, and other cities within our service area

  • Established since 1979
  • Organic, environmentally safe rug cleaning process
  • We clean all types of oriental rugs and carpets, including antiques
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We serve customers in New York, Connecticut, Vermont, & Massachusetts.

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