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Rug Repair Services in Albany, Dormansville, & Glenmont, NY

At Jafri Oriental Rugs, we demonstrate genuine dedication to the needs of our clients through our meticulous, methodical, and painstaking process of cleaning and repairs. We do our best to restore your fine word rug to rug its original beauty. Our list of repair services includes fringe cleaning & restorationfringe repaircolor restorationmoth & insect repair, and binding repair

It is no wonder that so many leading designers, furniture retailers, and carpet stores recommend us. Individual clients show their appreciation for our work through repeat business and word of mouth. We are based in Albany but serve a wide array of cities that include DormansvilleEast BerneTroyGlenmont, and dozens of others. Call 518-201-1191 or click here to make an appointment today! in AlbanyBerneClarksville, and other cities within our service area.

Rug Repair Process

Rug Repair Services Offered by Jafri

  • Fringe repair: Chain fringe or new fringes
  • Binding: Either side or both ends
  • Reweaving: Threadbare rugs due to age or damage
  • Coloring: Pile that has faded due to aging, sun exposure, or dye bleed
  • Decoration: Decorative pockets added to tapestries for wall hanging
  • Shearing: Clipping the top to even out the pile

This photo is taken from the Jafri Rug store.

Rug Repair Services Offered by Jafri

Types of Rug Repair Services Provided by Jafri Oriental Rugs in Albany, New York

  • Water Damaged
  • Patching of Holes
  • Spot and Stain Removal
  • Color Run / Bleeding Restoration
  • Special Antique Wash / Silk Wash
  • Repair Tears and Fraying
  • Re-weaving
  • New Fringes and Binding
  • Repair of Moth Damage
  • New Padding Custom Cut to Size

Appraisals for Area Rugs

Jafri Oriental Rugs provides comprehensive rug appraisals to our clients as well as insurance companies and adjusters for the following purpose:

  • Your own information pertaining to the rug
  • Insurance coverage for valuables
  • To receive the market value of the rug when actual loss and damage occurs
  • Appraisal for insurers etc…

We sincerely advise our customers as well as others who own handmade Oriental rugs to keep up-to-date appraisals. Rugs are not just a part of your home or business furnishing, but they are heirlooms and their value continues to appreciate.

Appraisals for Area Rugs

Trust Us for the Best Area Rug Repairs in Albany, East Berne, & Dormansville, NY

When you need our help, our rug cleaning experts can assist at a moment's notice. We are based in Albany but serve dozens of other cities within our service area, including DormansvilleEast BerneTroy, and Glenmont. For more information, call 518-201-1191 or click here to make an appointment.

Rug Repair and Restoration - FAQ

Rug repair is done in many ways depending on the problem. A rug can have many different forms of structural damages. For every type of problem, there is a unique approach and intervention. Most common reasons to repair a rug are:

  • Unraveled fringes
  • Border damage
  • Worn out Fiber
  • Moth holes
  • Tears
  • Decaying and decomposing fiber.

Although materials such as wool, silk, or cotton will naturally decompose over time, your rug can last a long life if properly cleaned by professionals. Dust, dirt, and environmental impurities collect in your rug and it acts just like an air filter! Regular vacuuming is no match for the dust particles that have settled deep within rug fibers. The dust and dirt with exposure to normal humidity and moisture in the air has already turned into goo.

If you can’t have a rug cleaned by professionals before you repair a rug, you may be better off taking it straight to the rug repair shop. Improper washing of the rug is much worse than not washing at all! The common practice of soaking the rug onto a cesspool of sod and hard water and using a rotary floor scrubber to wash its surface will damage the rug fiber forever.

It depends on the rug repair that you need but in general, we suggest cleaning the rug prior to repair, except for cases that a rug needs to be secured within the damaged area prior to washing. In that case, those areas such as big tears or cracks are stitched in a way to protect the rug fibers and hold the rug together before wash.

In a similar case of a rug with decaying fiber, we use temporary proper backing for the rug prior to washing to minimize further breakdown. This is also an important step for washing certain antique rugs. A permanent backing is used for rugs that after wash and repair still have fragile fibers and week structure.

Advantages of Washing Before Having a Rug Repair

  • Bringing out the true original rug colors, making sure the new weave and repair is an exact match of the hues and tones of that fiber. A dirty rug can definitely change the color and shade of the area for repair. Once the rug is cleaned, the difference will become visible.
  • Avoiding further damage to the surrounding dried-up area when a craftsman tries to insert the needle into the fragile fibers.
  • Moth-damaged rugs need to be specially treated to get rid of all embedded moth eggs. Therefore, the rug must be treated and washed prior to repair.
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