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Wet Cleaning for Rugs in Albany & Burlington

Keeping the rug clean is not only about indoor beauty but also hygiene and coziness. The fact is it's not always easy to maintain that because different conditions of the rugs require different cleaning methods. For example, wet cleaning is effective for oil and water-based stains.

Don't worry if the DIY method isn't good enough to keep your favorite rugs tidy and natty. Because Jafri Oriental Rug Cleaning is available in Coxsackie, Schenectady, Chatham, Amsterdam, Middleburgh, and other service areas. Feel free to contact us for professional rug cleaning to restore the design and integrity of the comfort pieces.

Dial 518-201-1191 to enjoy our free pick-up and delivery services. For contacting online click here.

Benefits of Wet Cleaning for Your Rugs

  • The thorough cleaning method extracts stubborn dirt from the rug fibers
  • Preservation of indoor quality by removing harmful elements and allergens
  • Elimination of bad odor coming from the rug
  • The method is environment-friendly
  • Safe for delicate rugs
  • Expansion of the lifespan of the rug
Seeking professional wet rug cleaning services for a spotless result.

Why Jafri Oriental Rug Cleaning?

Jafri Oriental Rug Cleaning has been in the industry for more than 4 decades. The safe rug cleaning process by our certified technicians will ensure all the benefits of rug cleaning without compromising the rug's design and quality with the help of enough equipment support.

Both for residential and commercial premises you can rely on our experience and expertise. Our customers trust us and we are always proud to share their views on our cleaning, repair, and other services.

Workers diligently cleaning wet rugs for a refreshed space.

Make Your Rug New Again by Professional Wet Cleaning Service

You don't have to tolerate filthy stains on your rug that reduces the comfort of the soft fibers. Reach us with your problems regardless of the rug type and we'll make it all good. Call us at 518-201-1191 and set an appointment with our service team. To send a service request online click here.

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