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Humza Jafri, Upstate NY Oriental rug authority, Makes National Debut on HGTV’s "Who's Afraid of a Cheap Old House?"

Humza Jafri, a resident of Albany, NY and owner of Jafri Oriental Rugs recently collaborated with HGTV’s production of “Who’s Afraid of a Cheap Old House?”

Humza Jafri worked with HGTV closely on the selection of rugs aired on episodes 3, 5, 6.

The episodes explored the renovation of fixer-uppers throughout upstate NY in the towns of Albany, Granville, and Troy. Humza’s expertise was called upon to select a range of rugs that captured a variety of periods from the Victorian to the mid-century era.

Cheap Old House
HGTV Collaboration Photos At Jafri Oriental Rugs

Rug shown above is available exclusively at Jafri Oriental Rugs

Hgtv Granville Episode
  • Design: Persian Tabriz
  • Colors: Nectarine, ivory, sage, and beige
  • Size: 10'x14'
  • Made in: Pakistan
  • Time to make: 1.5 years
  • Hand knotted
  • Material: Wool and silk

Rug is no longer in production nor available for sale, if you are interested in this rug or design contact Jafri Oriental Rugs as rug with similar patterns can be produced on the loom

Jafri Oriental Rugs has been providing New York state with hand knotted heirloom rugs since 1979. Humza’s old-world knowledge was not acquired overnight but was the result of years spent in company of Oriental rug historians, weavers, suppliers and chemists who oversaw the production of the finest antique, mid-century, and contemporary rugs as well as spending a great deal of time in the looms in Pakistan and understanding the intricacy, nuance and sophistication of how a hand knotted rug is made. The family name Jafri is synonymous with elegance, world class inventory, and first-class service and caught the attention of HGTV rather quickly when the network was searching for a full service showroom who not only could provide rugs in an extremely prompt manner but also provide a rug for each episode apropos to the house décor and manner.

Footage of the Jafri Rugs will be shown in episodes 3, 5, and 6 showcasing the ornate beauty of each rug.

It was particularly enjoyable for Humza to have an opportunity working with Jennifer, the show’s interior designer, and meeting the show’s hosts Elizabeth and Ethan both of whom greatly appreciated the work and hand knotted artistry of each rug. Along with providing thorough histories of each rug, Humza also provides expert guidance on cleaning and restoration, emphasizing the importance of preserving the rug's historical significance while ensuring its functionality in a home.

Humza's appearance resonated with viewers nationwide. Social media buzzed with comments praising his knowledge and infectious enthusiasm. Locally, the episode sparked a renewed interest in the history hidden within the area's many antique abodes. With an Instagram profile and e-commerce platform that has amassed many followers and service that covers the entire northeast, Humza continues to preserve the Jafri Oriental Rugs legacy, whilst maintaining the highest regard for his customers and vendors.

Humza remains grounded despite his newfound fame. "This experience has been incredible," he said. "But my true passion remains here, helping people connect with the stories woven into their homes, whether it’s educating a client on their rug or working with an interior designer on a massive scale project or selling a French renaissance tapestry. The rugs are a collection of traditional and contemporary that capture the essence and festivity of each home." Whether appraising a circa 1900 rug or sharing his knowledge with fellow rug enthusiasts, Humza Jafri's love for the past and its enduring beauty continues to shine brightly.

HGTV's show "Who's Afraid of a Cheap Old House" has new episodes that drop every week. Visit hgtv.com or Discovery+ to see the episodes.

All rugs shown on the episodes are available for sale.

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