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Area Rug Cleaning Services in Troy, New York

Troy is a city in Upstate New York that sits on the eastern bank of the Hudson River and is part of the fast-growing Capital District region that also includes Albany, Schenectady, and other cities. It is one of the dozens of cities served by the area rug cleaning professionals at Jafri Oriental Rugs

From cleaning & maintenance to protection & storage, we can handle all aspects of your rug-related needs in the Troy service area. Your fine textiles will be safe, secure, clean, and protected from all perils while in the hands of our IICRC-certified specialists. We treat each rug with the individual care and custom cleaning and protection services required for each type of rug fiber & wool, cotton, jute, silk, sisal, polyester, nylon, acrylic, and more. When you need our help, give us a call at 518-201-1191 today!

Our Jafri Rug Cleaning Process in Troy, NY

Our Rug Cleaning Process in Troy, NY

When it is time to clean your Oriental or area rug in Troy, our step-by-step process includes:

  • Consultation: We meet with you to inspect your rug and determine the best possible eco-friendly cleaning method.
  • Dusting: Because rugs are designed to hide dirt, we remove deep-seated dust and dirt with our unique dusting approach.
  • Preconditioning Treatment: We customize a special treatment for each rug to assure the safest, most eco-friendly cleaning options are used.
  • Spot & Fringe Prep: We identify and treat visible spots & stains while preparing the rug fringe for treatment.
  • Shampoo: Using an ideal rug shampooing treatment designed for your rug, we clean thoroughly while maintaining the integrity of delicate fibers.
  • Rinse: We remove all excess dirt and soap from the rug carefully and safely.

Once the rug is dry, it is returned to the customer.

Trust Jafri Oriental Rug Cleaning for the Best Rug Cleaning Services in Troy, NY

Jafri Oriental Rugs is the premier area rug and carpet cleaner in Troy and throughout Upstate NY when it comes to providing high-quality area rug and Persian carpet cleaning as well as rug restoration. Since 1979, Jafri Rug Cleaning has provided rug cleaning that is safer for your home and family. We clean all types of Oriental rugs and carpets, including antiques, silk, Persians, tapestries, and even viscose. To learn more, call us at 518-201-1191 or click here to get your rugs cleaned in Troy ASAP. When you choose Jafri Oriental Rugs, the benefits include:

  • Established since 1979
  • The organic, environmentally safe rug cleaning process
  • We clean all types of oriental rugs and carpets, including antiques
  • Free pickup & delivery

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Customer Reviews from Troy ( 5 out of 1 reviews )

  • Troy, NY | September 18, 2021

I had an excellent experience with JAFRI cleaning. The rugs we gave for cleaning came back looking as good as new. The proprietors of this business understand it’s not a once size fits all approach to carpet cleaning and will work on a customized cleaning solutions based on the pieces you submit for restoration/cleaning. After speaking to the owners of the business you can understand why they get so many return customers as their service is second to none.

Completed Jobs from Troy

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May 25, 2023 | Troy, NY

Jafri Rugs was able to have this rug cut down to the desired size and also had it cleaned and brought back to its original condition. The rug is a Mir design quality and required tremendous cleaning as it has vegetable dyes that could run. Jafri was able to clean it without any issues and delivered it at no cost.

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