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Area Rug Cleaning and Inspection in Chatham, NY

Area rugs are used to bring out aesthetic vibe in the interior. They also protect the floor from being damaged quickly, and, more often, are safe to crawl on for the children. But over time, rugs lose their shine and attract dirt inside the fibers. So, it is paramount to clean them professionally.

From cleaning to repair and storage, the IICRC-certified experts at Jafri Oriental Rug Cleaning are able to handle all aspects of your rug-needs in the Greater Albany area of New York State. With our premium services, your fine textiles will be cleaned and protected from all discoloration and damages.

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Services We Offer in Jafri Oriental Rug Cleaning

In Chatham, Jafri Oriental Rug Cleaning provides various rug cleaning services in residential and commercial areas. Some services are as follows:

Area Rug Cleaning: The rug cleaning experts deeply clean your rugs with advanced tools and techniques to make them dust-free, stain-free, and hygienic. They inspect the rugs thoroughly, even before starting the cleaning process.

Rug Repair: Our knowledgeable and trained experts can fix any problems with fringebackingpatching, or stain removal on your rug. Other than these, we also fix the holes in the rugs and fire- and water-damaged rugs to help you revive your aesthetic beauty.

Rug Pads: Along with rug cleaning and repair services, we also provide rug pads and accessories to prevent slipping on the floor. They shield your hardwood floors from tiny scratches that may otherwise result in severe damage.

Types of Rug We Clean

We clean a wide variety of rugs for customers in Canaan. Some of them include:

Rug Cleaning Process in Chatham

With more than 42 years of experience, Jafri Oriental Rug Cleaning has provided the finest rug cleaning and repair services at the best prices. Our rug cleaning and protection process is as follows:

Initial Inspection: Our process starts with a proper examination of your rug to evaluate its state, spot any problem areas, and choose the most appropriate cleaning method.

Dust Removal: We carefully remove dried dirt, dust, and other embedded material from the rug fibers with advanced equipment.

Rug Washing & Rinsing: Our rug cleaning specialists use eco-friendly chemicals safe for fabrics and fibers. After that, they are thoroughly rinsed to remove them.

Centrifuge Water Extraction & Drying: In just a few minutes, about 95% of the water in rugs can be extracted using our effective centrifugal process.

Brush Treatment: We use specialized brushes to remove all the dirt from the area rugs, depending on their fabrics.

Vacuuming and Grooming: We carefully vacuum to remove surface debris, followed by gentle grooming to restore the rug's texture and appearance.

Additional Steps: After all of the previous steps are completed, we treat your rugs against mold and moth growth to prolong the life of your rug.

After performing all of the procedures, we pick up the area rug and deliver it to its destined area. 

Importance of Rug Inspection

Inspecting your rug is crucial for keeping it in good condition. Whether you have an oriental rug or a typical area rug, we thoroughly check the types of rugs to provide the best cleaning service for your satisfaction. It is important to inspect rugs for several reasons, such as:

Early Problem Detection: Finding any severe issues early can help to fix them before they get worse and become more expensive.

Avoid Damage: Frequent inspections keep the rug's backing, fibers, and knots from being weakened by damage.

Maintaining Hygiene: Regular rug inspection helps to keep your house clean and safe, as different rugs need specific cleaning methods.

Allergy Prevention: For people who suffer from allergies and respiratory issues, it is important to clean the rugs properly.

Families with Pets and Young Children

It can be difficult to maintain clean, fresh area rugs when you have kids and pets. Juice spills, crayons, paint splatters, and even pet disposals may seriously harm carpets. Pet stains can cause color leakage and fiber damage if they are not removed.

Rugs should be cleaned regularly and professionally inspected for signs of degradation. This helps to preserve their integrity. In this sense, Jafri Oriental Rug Cleaning is available to assist you with rug stain removal, cleaning, and restoration in Chatham, your area.

Trust Us to Clean & Protect Your Area Rug in Chatham, NY

To ensure a hygienic, clean, and safe environment for all family members, including pets, it is essential not to neglect cleaning area rugs. Contact the IICRC-certified professionals from Jafri Oriental Rug Cleaning to get the best rug-related services in Chatham, New York.

For more than 42 years, residents of Canaan have been enjoying rug cleaningrepairpet barrierstorage, and free pick-up and delivery services. We also provide top-notch rug pads and accessories to protect your rugs.

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July 11, 2023 | Chatham, NY

Jafri Rugs not only cleaned the rug but brought back the vitality of the rug and increased the overall value of the rug. Jafri Rugs antique weavers repaired the rug to its original state and restored a century old rug. The rug required spot treatment and binding and fringe restoration. The rug additionally required reweaving into the field of the rug which was all done by hand. All repair work is done by hand.

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