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Color Restoration Service in Albany, Berne, & Troy, NY

An area rug can have many types of repair issues. Color run, for example, is very common. It can lead up to structural damages and rug repair. For every type of problem, there is a unique approach and solution.

Fortunately, our certified craftsmen at Jafri Rug Cleaning have four decades of experience when it comes to color restoration services for fine word rug in AlbanyBerneClarksville, and other cities within our service area. We correct color runs and other rug repair issues on a daily basis. We are based in Albany but serve dozens of other cities within our service area, including DormansvilleEast BerneTroy, and Glenmont.

For more information about our color correction & restoration services, call 518-201-1191 or click here to make an appointment.

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Correcting a Color Run: Things to Know Before Repairing Your Expensive Rug

A color run occurs when darker colors of an area rug bleed into the lighter areas and cause damage. This happens when the rug is wet or exposed to moisture. Once corrected, there are ways to avoid a similar experience. The following are some common causes of color runs:

  • The rug was improperly washed and dried and the color run was caused by this improper cleaning process. This is very common!
  • The rug was exposed to water due to flooding, a water leak, or other similar mishaps.
  • Pet urine was not removed quickly and properly from the rug.
  • A potted plant was overwatered and moisture and water reached the rug.
  • A potted plant placed directly on the rug was not elevated. Condensation build-up beneath the pot caused the damage.
  • The sub-floor was moist and a proper rug pad was not used.

Trust Jafri Rug Cleaning to Fix Your Color Run Issue in Albany & Clarksville

From Oriental rugs to antique silks and very intricate Persian rugs, Jafri Oriental Rugs knows how to properly care for your fine word rug. That includes repairing color runs, which occur when beautiful rugs get wet or get washed improperly. At Jafri, we can handle color runs. For the past four decades, we have set the industry standard in regard to area rug cleaning and protection for customers throughout the greater Capital District in New York with the finest rugs, best prices, and unmatched service. For more information, call 518-201-1191 or click here for more information!

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