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Professional Area & Traditional Rug Cleaning Service near Acton, MA

Area rugs don't only bring warmth or comfort to your home, but it also reflects your tradition. So it is quite natural that you will want to protect them from any outside damage, or stains. In order to maintain your rugs' quality and charm, routine professional area rug cleaning & maintenance is mandatory.

Jafri Oriental Rugs is the one-stop solution you can trust in that respect. We are one of the leading companies in the rug industry, serving the Acton area since 1979. 

Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning

Our crews clean all types of area rugs, removing tough stains from fine word rug.

Rug Cleaning Process
Rug Repair

Rug Repair

We perform fringe repair, color correction, binding repair & rug restoration services.

About Rug Repair
Rug Pads

Rug Pads

We offer custom-sized rug pads to enhance and protect your heirloom & antique rugs.

About Rug Pads
Free Pick-up & Delivery

Free Pick-up & Delivery

For cleaning, repair, and other services, we pick up and return your rug at no charge. 

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Jafri Oriental Rugs can provide an organic & environmentally safe rug cleaning experience for different types of rugs. We don't only help you clean the rugs, but we have rug repair to rug storage options available at your service.

Give us a call at 518-201-1191 to schedule an appointment with us. You can also visit the link here for online communication with our team.

Why You Need a Professional's Help to Clean Your Different Area Rugs

Though you might often vacuum the rugs in your house, there are still chances of them getting damaged. A professional rug cleaning can help you in many ways. Such as:

  • Increase the rug's longevity: Professional rug cleaning services remove ground-in filth and grime, eliminate visible stains, and extend the life of your rug.
  • Maintain Authentic colors: Rugs can get permanently discolored if you clean them at home with toxic chemicals. By having a professional cleaning, you can rest assured that all detergents and chemicals will be removed properly, and your rug will shine just like new.
  • Renews worn-out rugs: An antique rug may be restored to its former condition with professional cleaning, and it will continue to look great for years if you have it deep cleaned frequently.

We at Jafri Oriental Rugs can help you to achieve the above and more to keep your rugs well-maintained.

professional rug cleaning service

Different Area Rugs We Clean & Service

  • Oriental Rugs
  • Persian Rugs
  • Sisal Rugs
  • Navajo Rugs
  • Synthetic Rugs
  • Wool Rugs
  • Cowhide Rugs
  • Silk Rugs
  • Shag Rugs
  • Sheepskin Rugs
  • Viscose Rugs
  • Chinese Rugs
  • And more!

Jafri Oriental Rugs: The Best Bet for Your Traditional Area Rugs in Acton, MA

When it comes to serving your rugs the best, no other company does it better than us. Along with rug cleaning, repair, restoration, or storage, we offer rug pads to give the highest protection to your rugs. To get free pickup & delivery today, give us a call at 518-201-1191.


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December 29, 2023 | Acton, MA

Jafri Rugs not only cleaned the rug but brought back the vitality of the rug and increased the overall value of the rug. Jafri Rugs antique weavers repaired the rug to its original state and restored a century old rug. The rug required spot treatment and binding and fringe restoration

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