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 Rug Cleaning & Repair  Services in Albany, NY 

A rug is an expensive hobbyist  product when it comes to home and office décor. Customers who choose rugs over carpets invest very specific choices and big budgets to satisfy their personal taste in aesthetics. As rugs are mostly  a permanent part of the space they are used to decorate, they go through constant exposure to all manner of  contaminants from basic dust and dirt to pet urine and food  stains. 

We at Jafri Oriental have four decades of credible experience in cleaning and repairing rugs in Albany and all across upstate New York. We care for your rugs like it was our own product, keeping in mind the thought and budget you have put behind buying them. Our long and reputed experience reflects in our work. Call us at 518-201-1191  today

Ideal Rug Cleaning and Repair at Jafri Oriental

Our large scale facilities, equipped with the latest tool and fast paced team gets your rugs thoroughly cleaned and or repaired within 4-7 days. Our temperature controlled rooms protect your rugs from weather related decay or insect infestations. Due to our long experience our teams know specifically what service your rug needs. All rug related services are like a natural reflex to our technicians due to decades of muscle memory and service related knowledge. For the fastest and the benchmark quality in rug cleaning and repairing services in Albany contact us here.

Why Choose Jafri Oriental

  • Four decades of credible experience
  • Environmentally sustainable chemicals and machinery 
  • Equally large and well equipped local facilities  across several cities 
  • IIRC certified team 
  • Budget friendly prices 
  • No charge for collecting and delivery 

Whether your rug was bought yesterday or passed down as a family heirloom. Whether it is generic dust and dirt or densely dirty and has a strong bad odor. We at Jafri Oriental aim to clean and repair your rugs back to showroom look and condition. 

Completed Jobs from Albany

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September 17, 2021 | Albany, NY

The client had a rug that had been in a high traffic area and had some set-in stains that needed cleaning. We spot treated the stains on the rug then did a thorough cleaning. The rug came out soft, all the stains were removed and she commented how fresh it smelled as well.

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