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Rug Cleaning Process in Albany & Burlington, NY

Rug Cleaning Process by Jafri Oriental Rugs in Albany, NY

Jafri Oriental Rugs provides superior area rug cleaning, rug repair, and rug restoration services for customers in Albany, Berne, Columbia County, Ovid, and throughout our New York and New England service area. Our certified technicians have cleaned & protected all types of Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, tapestries, silk rugs, and antiques since 1979. We have the right equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your soiled or older rug’s beauty.

We also custom-tailor our rug cleaning process for different types of rugs we clean, for superior customized care. We're experiences with cotton, silk, wool and many other fibers.

Jafri Removes Toughest Stains in Albany

Why Jafri Oriental Rugs is your superior choice for the best area rug cleaning process in New York or New England:

  • Our expert technicians remove the toughest stains and retain the luster & beauty of your rugs.
  • Our expert technicians have more than 40 years of rug cleaning experience.
  • Jafri Oriental Rugs has provided the finest rugs, best prices, and superior service to homeowners and businesses in the Greater Albany area.

Our Proven Rug Cleaning Process is Finest in New York & Vermont

Our Time-Tested Rug Cleaning Process

Jafri Oriental Rugs has provided reliable and affordable rug cleaning services for homeowners and commercial property owners across NY for more than 40 years. Our time-tested rug cleaning & protection process includes:

  • Dirt & debris removal: A proprietary dust removal process begins to clean and remove debris; we remove all dry and loose dirt before washing.
  • Rug fringe cleaning: Rug fringes are paid close attention to properly clean and trimmed if necessary.
  • Rug washing: Our rug cleaning professionals wash the rugs with fiber- and fabric-safe rug detergent, soap, cleaners, and chemicals.
  • Rug rinsing: The clean rugs are thoroughly rinsed to remove all detergents and chemicals.
  • Centrifuge water extraction & drying: Our efficient, centrifugal water extraction method removes nearly 95% of water from rugs in minutes..
  • Brush treatment: We use specialized rug brushes depending on specific material type and construction. Fibers are brushed back in place for smooth feel and look.
  • Vacuum & grooming: We vacuum the rug, groom it and fluff it to make it look brand new.
  • Rug protection: We treat your rug against mold, moths, and other insects.
  • Pack & return: Your rug is packed, returned to your address and put out.

Trust Jafri For Best Rug Cleaning Process in New York, Boston & Hartford

For our comprehensive area rug cleaning services across New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut & Vermont, call Jafri Oriental Rugs at 518-201-1191 or contact us online to schedule your appointment. We provide free pick up & delivery all over New York and New England, and our area rug cleaning process will give results that will leave you completely satisfied.

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