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Rug Backing Repair in Albany, Troy & Glenmont, NY

Rug backing refers to the material that is sewn onto the underside of a rug. The rug's strength, durability, and protection are all enhanced by rug backing. If an older rug's backing is old or worn out, it's best to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

Jafri Oriental Rugs is a long-time industry leader in rug cleaning, repair, and protection. Since 1979, we have provided superior rug backing repair for customers in Albany, Troy, Dormansville, East Berne, Glenmont, and other cities within our NY, CT, VT and MA service areas. Our rug repair and rug cleaning include free, no-obligation estimates, free rug pick-up and delivery. 

Call us at 518-201-1191 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with a Jafri Oriental Rugs representative.

Causes of Rug Backing Damage | Call Jafri

Contact the experts at Jafri Oriental Rugs when your rug backing is damaged by:

  • Dust, dirt, wear, grimy flooring
  • High foot traffic
  • Sun, water or heat damage
  • Cat or other pet scratching
  • Rug fibers or backing damage under furniture
reg backing repair service in Albany

Jafri Has Superior Backing Repair Process

Jafri Oriental Rugs. gives area rugs new life with skilled, professional rug backing repair. Our process includes:

  • Remove backing: First, we'll inspect the rug to determine if its backing has been damaged by water, fire, or others. Then we remove the backing from its rug border. Using fabric scissors, we'll cut small pieces of thread holding the border around the edge of the rug in case it is damaged by water.
  • Clean and sanitize rug: After removing the rug backing, we begin soaking it in a tub filled with a highly effective disinfecting cleanser.
  • Attach backing: After thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the rug, it's dried. We use glue, a trowel, backing, and border to reattach the backing.
  • Install border: The rug's border is fabric attached around the edge and can be difficult to line up with the backing. We overlap the border and backing for easier, more efficient attachment.
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Trust Jafri Oriental Rugs For Superior Rug Backing Repair in Montpelier, VT

At Jafri Oriental Rugs, our experienced rug repair specialists are ready to assist you with rug backing repair or any other rug repair. We also assist customers with rug cleaning, rug pads, rug fringe repair, color correctionserging, and more. Call us at 518-201-1191 or contact us online to book an appointment with a Jafri Oriental Rugs team member.

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