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Area Rug Protection in Albany, NY

Protecting your area rugs from damage and wear is essential to maintaining their beauty and longevity. Jafri Oriental Rugs offers comprehensive rug protection treatments designed to preserve the integrity and appearance of your valuable rugs. Our specialized services include protector and stain repellant treatments, moth repellent, UV protection, and general rug treatment to keep your rugs looking pristine for years to come.

To get rug protection from all kinds, you need to contact the rug professionals from Jafri Oriental Rugs. For more than 42 years, our crews have cleaned & protected the finest silk rugs for customers in AlbanyBerneClarksville, and other cities within our service area. For more information, call 518-201-1191 or click here to make an appointment.

Benefits of Rug Protection Treatments

There are numerous benefits of rug protection treatments. Here are a few:

Improves Durability: Our treatments help reinforce the fibers of your rug, making them more resistant to damage from foot traffic and heavy use.

Preservation of Aesthetic Value: By protecting against stains, moths, and UV damage, our treatments help maintain the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of your rugs.

Cost-Effective Maintenance: Preventative treatments reduce the need for costly repairs and restorations, offering a more affordable long-term solution.

Protector & Stain Repellant

We offer advanced protector and stain repellant treatments that shield your rugs from spills, dirt, and grime. These treatments create a barrier on the rug's surface, preventing stains from setting in and making it easier to clean up spills.


Our Moth Repellent Rug Protection

Moth infestations can cause severe damage to rugs, especially those made from natural fibers like wool. Our moth repellent treatments effectively deter moths, protecting your rugs from their destructive larvae.


UV Protection For Rugs

Rugs exposed to sunlight can suffer from fading and deterioration over time. Our UV protection treatments safeguard your rugs from the harmful effects of UV rays, preserving their vibrant colors and preventing material degradation. By using our UV protection service you will get:

Rug Protection Against Wear & Fading

Imagine your favorite area rugs having a protective shield against spills, stains, and everyday wear, without compromising their natural beauty. Our rug protection extends the life of your area rugs and keeps them looking their best. We'll help you maintain a vibrant, durable appearance for your area rugs so they accent your home for years to come. We want to protect your rugs from everyday wear so that they remain a timeless treasure for you and your family.

Types of Area Rugs We Clean & Protect at Jafri Oriental Rugs

Wool Fiber Protection by Jafri Oriental Rugs

Wool naturally contains lanolin, a grease that gives wool its innate resistance to water and certain stains. After wool is sheared, graded, and sorted, it undergoes a scouring process. This process removes contaminants like suit, vegetable matter, sheep marking fluids, urine, excreta, sand, and ointment, along with most of the wool grease. The residual wool grease, known as lanolin, is left in the fibers.

Post-processing, only about 0.5% of lanolin remains in the wool fibers. Although lanolin is an excellent natural repellant, it degrades over time due to foot traffic, vacuuming, cleaning, spotting, and UV light exposure.

At Jafri Oriental Rugs, we specialize in protecting your wool fibers. Our specially formulated products restore the natural repellency of wool fibers that have lost or degraded their lanolin coating. Our treatment creates an invisible barrier, allowing you to blot spills before they cause permanent damage.

Trust Jafri Oriental Rugs for Expert Rug Protection

As a premier rug cleaning and protection company in Albany, NY, Jafri Oriental Rugs is dedicated to providing exceptional service and unmatched expertise. Our commitment to preserving the beauty and longevity of your rugs makes us the preferred choice for rug owners in the area. 

We assist customers in AlbanyBuffaloRochesterSyracuseDormansvilleEast BerneTroyGlenmont, and more cities across our Upstate NY and New England service area with area rug patching and more rug repair options. We patch Oriental rugsPersian rugsantique rugsviscose rugssilk rugs, and more.

Our rug repair and rug cleaning include free, no-obligation estimates, free rug pick-up and delivery. Call us at 518-201-1191 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with a Jafri Oriental Rugs representative.

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