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Cowhide Rug Cleaning in Albany & Burlington, NY

A cowhide rug is a beautiful piece that brings a bit of southwestern charm to any space. Cowhide rugs, like any other area rug, require regular cleaning after months or years of dirt, debris, and food spills. Although cowhide rugs are generally robust and stain-resistant, they should be professionally cleaned every 12-18 months to maintain a soft and supple hide.

Jafri Oriental Rugs has an experienced team when it comes to providing the best cowhide rug cleaning services available in AlbanyDormansvilleEast BerneTroy, Glenmont, and our New York and New England service areas. For assistance with cowhide rug cleaning, call 518-201-1191 to book a consultation.

Why Jafri Oriental For Cowhide Rug Cleaning in Albany?

cowhide Rugs Cleaning Service in Albany, NY
  • Experienced area rug cleaning & repair since 1979
  • Organic, environmentally-safe rug cleaning process
  • We clean any Oriental, cowhide & other area rug, including antiques
  • Free pickup & delivery before and after cleaning

Jafri Has Finest Cowhide Rug Cleaning Process in New York & New England

Our professional cowhide rug cleaning service helps to prevent fading, as well as the color migration you never want to see in an area rug. Our rug cleaning process can include stain treatments, odor removal, and sometimes water extraction.

  • Our specialists examine your rug's type and condition to determine material, construction, and condition.
  • Manual cleaning lets our cleaners concentrate on stained portions. Customized detergent helps remove spots without damaging fibers.
  • Manual brushing by our experts returns fibers to original positions for smoothness.
Cowhide Rugs Cleaning Service

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Trust Jafri For Superior Cowhide Rug Cleaning in New York, Boston & Hartford

For our comprehensive cowhide area rug cleaning services across New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut & Vermont, call Jafri Oriental Rugs at 518-201-1191 or contact us online to schedule your appointment. We provide free pick up & delivery all over New York and New England, and our area rug cleaning process will give results that will leave you completely satisfied.

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