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Custom Bordered Rugs Cleaning in Albany, New York

Custom-bordered rugs are one of the most popular rugs in the world. The border of this rug is what makes it exceptional and different from others. It will complement your home's decor and furniture. If you are having difficulties deciding what could look best with your home's interior design or furniture, then custom-bordered rugs are the perfect choice for you.

However, cleaning a custom-bordered rug isn't simple. If you use the wrong rug cleaning procedure, then you will destroy the look of your rug and can damage it as well. To avoid such scenarios, the best thing to do is to contact a professional rug cleaning company like Jafri Oriental Rugs.

Our experienced technicians are ready to provide superior custom-bordered rug cleaning services. For over 42 years, we have been a recognized company based in Albany, NY. Call us at 518-201-1191 to know more about our services.

Rug Cleaning Process of Jafri Oriental Rugs

At Jafri Oriental Rugs, you will get affordable and reliable custom-bordered rug cleaning services. Our time-tested rug cleaning and protection process is given below:

  • Debris and dirt removal
  • Rug washing
  • Rug fringe cleaning
  • Rug rinsing
  • Centrifuge water extraction and drying
  • Vacuum and grooming
  • We use specialized rug brushes to clean your rug
  • We protect your rug against moths, mold, and other insects
  • Finally, your custom-bordered rug is packed, returned to your house, and put out
Professional border rug cleaning services

Book Jafri Oriental Rugs for Cleaning Your Custom-Bordered Rug in Albany, NY

You will get the services of certified technicians when you book Jafri Oriental Rugs. Our team has the experience, equipment, and expertise to provide top-notch rug cleaning services. We also offer stain removal, pet urine and odor removal, viscose rug cleaning, and antique rug cleaning services. If you live in Chatham, Troy, and Coxsackie, then call us at 518-201-1191 or contact us online to order our services.

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