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Nylon Rug Cleaning Service in Albany, NY

The Nylon fabric is quite strong as it remains in its original shape. Nylon fiber is heavy. So rugs made of this fabric habitually resist stains and absorb dirt so that the fabric remains the same for a long period. For this, nylon rugs are cherished by most house owners. However, when these rugs get soiled, it becomes a hassle to clean them properly.

In such circumstances, Jafri Oriental Rugs is here to the rescue. We understand your rug’s texture and give a cleanup service accordingly. Though we are based in Albany, we cover a huge area in NY such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Cairo or others. You can reach us at 518-201-1191. You can even submit an online form to get an active response.

How to Care & Maintain Your Nylon Rug

Though Nylon textured rugs are incredible for any area in your residents or workplaces, they get dirt and stains that are hard to wash. Regular maintenance is essential for these types of rugs.

  • Frequent vacuuming.
  • Clean the spills promptly.
  • Always use warm water to wash.
  • Never rub a nylon fabric.
  • Use fabric protectors.
  • Get it professionally cleaned at least once every 6 months.
Nylon rug maintain

Professional Rug Cleaning near New York

Jafri Oriental Rugs is been ruling the industry for more than 42 years now. Starting with just a rug cleaning brand, we have shown expertise in other rug-relevant services. We understand the texture of your rugs and handle it with the most care. Apart from Nylon fabrics, we have different cleanup services for different materials of rugs.

Professional rug cleaning services

Get the Experts to Clean Your Nylon Rugs

Your rugs are an important asset to your house. It doesn’t only create elegance, but it also protects your house contents. We have trained professionals who are efficiently working for your rugs. We examine the texture and use toxin-free products to clean them accordingly.

Our services are available in the cities of Bakersfield, Denver and near New York State. To book an appointment with us, call 518-201-1191 or fill up a form online.

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