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Tufted Rugs Cleaning Service near Albany

Rugs with a tufted pile are made without using knots. Rather, yarn loops are drawn through the rug's backing material with a machine or hand-held equipment. In order to get a cut-pile surface, the loops are torn. Since these rugs can be made with both machine and human hands, their quality might vary. However, with proper rug cleaning & maintenance, you can extend the life cycle of your tufted rugs. 

They require comprehensive rug care, which includes routine rug repairs, rug cleaning, and more. For that, Jafri Oriental Rugs is the way to go. Keeping the quality of your rugs preserved is our top priority, and we have expertise in cleaning all types of rugs since 1979.

Clarksville, Gainesville, Sherman, Adams Center, New York, and the surrounding areas of Albany are all within the range of our service areas. Get in touch with us at 518-201-1191. You can also visit the link here for online communication with our response team.

Professional Care of Your Tufted Rugs 

To ensure the longevity of your rugs, regular professional maintenance and cleaning of your rug are important. 

This is because the experts follow appropriate (which might not be feasible at home) rug cleaning processes to thoroughly clean the rug. Through their meticulous process, not only can you get your rug cleaned but also can get rid of hard-to-remove dirt, debris, allergens, and stains.

Using high-quality products and expert methods, rug cleaners are able to remove even the most stubborn stains such as coffee spills, wine spills, pet stains, and more. After a professional rug cleaning, your home space will look, smell, and feel brand new.

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Jafri Oriental Rugs - All The Way to Clean Your Tufted Rugs in Albany, NY

No matter what kind of rug you own - antique, wool, viscose, indoor, outdoor, hooked, polyester, or something else; you can trust our trained specialists in a secure manner. Free pickup and delivery are also available. Make a call to us at 518-201-1191 whenever you require any assistance.

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