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Indoor Rug Cleaning & Repair Services in Albany, NY

Indoor rugs are an essential piece of interior decoration. However, they have to face lots of dirt, and dust as people walk over them. Moreover, when you spill drinks on them, some stains permanently remain on the rugs. Regular cleaning methods are not effective in removing them properly. Jafri Oriental Rugs has the expertise & the required equipment to clean your rugs deeply.

We utilize time-tested, approved chemicals in our rug cleaning process that do not cause any harm to the rug’s fabric in any way. Since 1979, we are the experts when it comes to taking adequate care of rugs. Call us now at 518-201-1191 or click here to schedule an appointment for your FREE pick-up & delivery within NY.

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Rug-Related Services We Offer in Orient & Troy

Jafri Oriental Rugs uses top-notch cleaning products & procedures to care for your rugs. We offer everything an indoor rug needs, starting from cleaning, and repairing to protection services to ensure you can continue to enjoy your rug’s beauty for even longer. Our services for rugs include: 

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Pet Urine Stain & Odor Removal

If you own a pet, the chances of your favorite animal urinating on the rug are high. Additionally, pets like to scratch things with their nails, and when they choose your precious rug for that purpose, it can only mean danger to the rug’s fabric. But, Jafri Oriental Rugs is prepared with the skills needed to repair tears & cuts made on your rug. We can also remove urine stains from your rug and eliminate pet odor, providing you with a clean, & fresh rug once again enhancing your interior attraction

Count on Jafri Oriental Rugs for Appropriate Cleaning for Your Indoor Rugs

Count on Jafri Oriental Rugs when you need superior rug cleaning services for your indoor rugs in Watervliet, Troy, Schenectady, Ovid, Albany, & other nearby areas as well as New York, Massachusetts, Vermont & Connecticut. We offer completely free pick-up & delivery services for our customers looking for rug care. So call us now at 518-201-1191 to improve your indoor rug’s condition.

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