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Woven Area Rug Cleaning in Albany, New York

Woven rugs are a class product made using the traditional rug-making method, using a loom. The rug fibers are woven into the base of the rug which creates a sturdy and long-lasting product.

A woven rug needs delicate cleaning to avoid wear & tear according to the weave pattern. The experienced cleaning team of Jafri Oriental Rug can handle the professional and specific care needed to maintain and preserve the look and durability of your woven rugs.

Jafri Oriental Rugs have four decades' worth of service credibility in cleaning and repairing woven and every other type of area rugs. They provide services in Albany, Berne, Clarksville and entire upstate New York. Call at 518-201-1191 or contact us online to book a service catered to your rug’s type and specific cleaning and restoration needs.

hand woven cotton area rug

Why Choose Jafri Oriental Rugs

A hand made woven area rug is an expensive product which if maintained and preserved correctly can be a family heirloom. So ideally these rugs should be cleaned by experienced professionals. At Jafri Oriental, we clean your rugs like they are our own. Furthermore choosing us gets you:

  • No charge for pick up and delivery
  • Environmentally sustainable cleaning method
  • We clean every type of rug and rug material
  • Four decades of reputed experience in rug cleaning
woven area rug cleaning

Contact Jafri for Ideal Woven Area Rug Cleaning & Repairing Services 

We provide specialized and precise rug cleaning services based on rug type and rug material. We do not charge for collecting and returning area rugs and our reputed services will make your rugs feel brand new. Call now at 518-201-1191 today for an appointment for all your rug-related needs.

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