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Cleaning Sheepskin Rugs in Albany

There are many variations of rugs in this world. They serve different purposes to decorate your place. Navajo rugs are commonly known for their exclusive use of natural wool colors such as browns and greys. Navajo rugs are known for their great artistic quality because of their complicated designs and fine hand spinning.

All rugs need good care for long life and a good look. But Navajo rugs need extra care as they are very costly and have high-quality wool. The experts of Jafri Oriental Rugs are capable of taking good care of your Navajo rugs.

Jafri Oriental Rugs has been handling all aspects of your rug-related problems when it comes to cleaning and protecting fine textiles in Albany, Berne, Clarksville and other cities we serve for forty-two years. contact us online to make an appointment.

Navajo Rug Pattern

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We have been in this business since 1979. So If you want your rugs to be cleaned by the best experts of your area, call us at 518-201-1191 or contact us online. We have experts in Albany, Dormansville, East Berne, Troy, Glenmont and other cities we serve.

Reasons for Trusting Experts from Jafri Oriental Rugs for Navajo Rug Cleaning

Navajo rugs should never be dry cleaned by anyone nor even hand washed by non-professionals. Care must be taken so that the qualities of the wool are not damaged in the process. A Navajo rug should never be beaten or shaken. Our experts from Jafri Oriental Rugs can handle the rug cleaning process with care. The main reason to trust us is the proper process we follow to clean your Navajo rugs. Beside that we 

  • Have been in business since 1979.
  • Follow an organic, environmentally safe rug cleaning process.
  • Clean all types of Navajo & Area rugs, including antiques.
  • Offer completely free pickup & delivery.
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