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Deep Oriental & Area Pile Rug Cleaning in Albany

Jafri Rug Cleaning is a local rug cleaning company with experience of over four decades in rug cleaning and restoration. We clean all types of area rugs including pile rugs. Customers in Albany, Berne, Clarksville, and other areas served by Jafri Oriental Rugs experience the best possible area rug cleaning, rug repair, and rug restoration services.
Your pile rugs are more than simply works of art. They are also exquisite investments. That is why we clean them with such care and precision. To clean your pile rug by our IICRC-certified technicians and give them a longer life cycle call Jafri Rug Cleaning at 518-201-1191 or contact us online for an appointment.

Types of Pile Rugs We Clean & Repair 

There are 3 types of pile rugs, which is -
High Pile Rug: High pile rugs, sometimes known as shag rugs, have longer strands and loops. Because of the height, high-pile rugs are softer. High-pile rugs are best for low-traffic room use. To maintain a high pile rug in pristine condition for as long as possible, avoid placing it in heavy traffic areas.
Mid-Pile Rug: A rug that has a pile height halfway between high and low is said to have a mid-pile rug. A mid-pile rug is one of the most popular rug varieties on the market, with just enough height to give it a textured impression - and just sufficient depth to make it simple to clean. Mid-pile rugs give versatile looks to any type of decor or location, u can use them in any place.
Low Pile Rug: Low pile rug has shorter and tighter loops which are softer and perfect for high-traffic room use. They are easy to clean, and fibers are tighter and lower to the ground. They give an aesthetic look to your living area or any corner of your home.

We can clean all these kinds of rugs and more. 

high pile rug

Advantages of Professional Pile Rug Cleaning

The dense pile of these rugs makes cleaning them much more difficult than cleaning regular area rugs. Dirt and dust tend to settle deep in the gaps between the fibers, making it difficult to reach them with a simple cleaning process. You need to contact a professional rug cleaning company, which is Jafri Rug Cleaning, to clean your pile rugs properly with cutting-edge technology.

Our professional certified cleaning technicians utilize solutions that are intended to fully clean the fabric of your rug without fraying, fuzzing, matting, or color loss. Jafri Rug Cleaning has set the local industry standards for cleaning and protecting pile rugs by using state-of-the-art cleaning facilities. We maintain an organic, environmentally safe rug-cleaning process.

professionally pile rug cleaning

Trust Jafri Rug Cleaning for Superior Pile Rug Cleaning & Restoration in Albany

Trust your cherished rugs to Jafri's specialists, who will clean and restore them. Since 1979, customers in Altona, Argyle, Altamont, and other locations within our service region have relied on Jafri Oriental Rugs to clean and maintain their pile rugs. For more information call us at 518-201-1191 or contact us online.

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