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Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors in Albany & Burlington

By using rug pads for hardwood floors, you can get extra protection. These pads safeguard against scratches, scuffs, and slipping, preserving the beauty and longevity of the rug and the hardwood floor. Investing in high-quality rug pads with Jafri Oriental Rug Cleaning can help you maintain and enhance the overall condition of your rugs and hardwood surfaces. It's been 42 years now that Jafri Oriental Rug Cleaning has been working in these industries with 100% dedication to fulfill your needs in AlbanyBerneClarksville, and other cities within our service area


Benefits of Rug Pads on Hardwood Floors

Rug pads offer several benefits for hardwood floors, making them a worthwhile investment for protecting your investment and enhancing your living space:


Quality Natural Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

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Jafri Oriental Rug Cleaning has been IICRC-certified since 1979 and offers top-class area rug cleaning services, including rug pads, pet barriers, and different floor types. We also provide free pick-up and delivery services. For more information about our services, call 518-201-1191 or schedule an appointment today.

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