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Job completed for Customer in Richmondville

Completion date: January 2, 2024

Location: Richmondville, NY

Why did the customer contact us?

This customer required immediate assistance in restoring her circa 1900 Persian museum quality rug. This is a delicate rug that was hand knotted and is truly a one of a kind antique rug requiring an antique weaver.
This client required immediate assistance with her antique rug. The warp and weft was showing as this rug was heavily used for years.
This was a threadbare antique rug that required delicate precision.

Solutions provided:

Jafri Rugs not only cleaned the rug but brought back the vitality of the rug and increased the overall value of the rug. Jafri Rugs antique weavers repaired the rug to its original state and restored a century old rug. The rug required spot treatment and binding and fringe restoration.
The rug additionally required reweaving into the field of the rug which was all done by hand.
All repair work is done by hand.

Photos & Videos:

6'x9' rug for living room
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6'x9' rug for living room
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