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Rug Cleaning and Repair Services in Adams, NY 

Rugs unlike generic carpets are a higher standard and more expensive product. People who opt to buy rugs put thought and investment into cherry-picking the perfect rug suited to their taste or aesthetic need.

However, rugs are sensitive to getting very dirty very fast from daily use. Without professional help, your precious rugs will face a shortened life span. Routine care of your rugs gives them longer durability and helps them retain a mint-condition look.

Jafri Oriental has been serving the most ideal and thorough professional rug cleaning and repairing  in Adams for 42 good reputed years. Our long-experienced team uses, tried, and proven cleaning methods to give your dirty or damaged rugs the service it needs. Call us now at 518-201-1191 for the best rug cleaning and repairing services in Adams

Services Offered by Jafri Oriental Rugs in Adams, NY 

We have been serving and maintaining the benchmark of rug cleaning and repairing services that reflects our four decades of experience. Our services aim at preserving the beauty of your homes and office space intact. 

Area rug cleaning

Our facilities have the resources needed to clean everything a densely foul-smelling rug contains. Our services will be guaranteed to bring your rugs back to near-brand-new condition.

Every rug type

Due to our long experience in this line, our team has the experience and material needed to clean every type of rug.

Rug pads 

High-quality padding protects your floors from dents and discoloration. 

Rug repair

Our facilities and team are equipped and trained respectively, to repair all manners of rug damage from generic wear and tear to severe rug material decay.

Rug storage

Our state-of-the-art temperature-controlled facilities keep your rugs safe. Due to our advanced facilities and enhanced service speed, we can clean and restore a rug thoroughly within 4-7 days 

Make Jafri Oriental Rugs Your Go-To For All Your Rug Services

Pick Jafri for the ideal rug cleaning and repairing service. We do not charge for the collection and delivery of your rugs. Call 518-201-1191 to book our cost friendly services or contact us here.

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